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Inspired by renowned Japanese architect Tadao Ando, this baby room is crafted with the traditional Japanese philosophy of ‘thinking about nature is experiencing nature’. It exudes warmth and sobriety through its oval-shaped pillars that create a unique play of shadows and its use of natural materials that plays a prominent role in its design. The Hai No Ki wood, which translates to ‘ash wood’ in Japanese, is a key component of the room, bringing an air of serenity and natural beauty. Safety and sustainability intertwine, as our furniture grows with your child. Quax's commitment to nature is evident in every detail, creating a harmonious sanctuary.

Hai No Ki for all ages natural ash

Hai No Ki: Growing with Elegance

Step into the enchanting realm of Hai No Ki, a room that grows with your little one's adventure. Begin by placing a baby crib, where the seed is sown for its precious first moments. Add the versatile dresser, with optional extension and clever baskets that seamlessly serve as drawers - a perfect fusion of form and function.

As your little one takes steps towards growth, you'll see the Hai No Ki room gradually transform. The 140 x 70 cm crib effortlessly adapts with a safety rail, allowing toddlers to sleep securely. The room evolves with changing needs, reflecting the beauty of progress.

But this story of change continues. Elevate the room with the introduction of the junior kit. The 140 x 70 cm crib elegantly grows to meet the increasing needs of your young adventurer, offering comfort during their formative years. As youth calls, the room welcomes it with open arms. A bookshelf stands invitingly tall, ready to partake in learning and imagination. A desk encourages discovery and lays the foundation for flourishing creativity.

Hai No Ki, an oasis flourishing in every stage of life's journey. From the tender moments of infancy to the vibrant bloom of youth, it provides nurturing and support, creating a harmonious space where your child's story unfolds with style and grace.

Hai No Ki Good to Grow - Junior Kit

Within the heart of eternal elegance lies the ability to expand the Hai No Ki 140 x 70 cm bed to 170 x 70 cm, serving as a faithful companion for up to 10 years in your little one's growth journey. The very bed that cradled their earliest dreams now becomes the cornerstone of their transition into their teenage years.

The Hai No Ki 140 x 70 bed offers a versatile solution for every stage of your child's growth. It starts as a securely enclosed crib, progresses into a toddler's open bed (with an optional guardrail available separately), and effortlessly transforms into a more spacious 170 x 70 cm junior bed by simply adding the junior kit. Thus, the same bed that cocooned their earliest dreams grows alongside them on their journey to adolescence.

Hai No Ki Black Ash
Hai No Ki Black Coat Hanger
Hai No Ki Black Ash Chest Portrait

Black Ash Wood

The Hai No Ki collection is also available in black ash veneer, providing an elegant and modern look while maintaining a warm and natural feel due to the beautiful wood grain. The combination with the modern lines that are present throughout the collection makes the Hai No Ki in Black Ash a classic.

Hai No Ki & Yume: a Natural Match Made in Heaven

Discover the magical world of Quax's Yume and Hai No Ki collections, where dreams and adventures come together in perfect harmony. Our collections are united by the warm and natural appearance of natural ash wood, allowing you to mix and match endlessly with your favorite pieces. Whether it's a Hai No Ki crib next to a Yume dresser or a Hai No Ki wardrobe with a Yume storage table, your imagination knows no bounds. Let your creativity flow and create an enchanting world for your little one, where dreams become a reality.

Safety, sustainability & more

At Quax we strive for the use of sustainable materials. All furniture panels meet the strict E1 standard on formaldehyde emissions. In addition, we support sustainable forest management and we ask our suppliers to submit an FSC certificate. Only reputable suppliers provide quality furniture hardware and lacquers for finishing

The producers are responsible for the certificates of their products, such as EN 71-3 with attention for the migration of harmful elements. Our furniture is tested by internationally recognized bodies on EN-716 for the cots, EN-12221 for the changing tables, and EN 12227 for playpens.

The Hai No Ki range includes a 120 x 60 cm cot, a 140 x 70 cm bed that's convertible into a bench with an optional bedrail and junior kit so you can transform it into a bed of 170 x 70 cm, and a junior bed with an optional side table.  Additionally, there is a chest of drawers with one sliding door that can be equipped with an optional diaper extension. The low cabinet has two revolving doors with solid bars. To complete the collection, it also includes a desk and a bookshelf.