Hai No Ki Bed Side Protector - 140 x 70 cm - Natural Ash
ART. 76 16 HNK01XL-BR, EAN 5414375186699


The Hai No Ki Bed Rail in the dimensions of 140 x 70 cm is the perfect companion for the Hai No Ki collection bed. This carefully designed piece is made of MDF with an ash wood veneer and offers ideal protection for your little one.

With this bed rail, you won't have to worry about nighttime adventures. It is designed to keep your child from falling and provides additional peace of mind while your little one enjoys a good night's sleep.

Add this optional accessory to the 140 x 70 cm bed from the Hai No Ki collection to transform it into a toddler bed with extra protection. This way, the bed grows with your child and offers a seamless transition from baby to toddler.

With the Hai No Ki Safety Barrier, you create a safe and reassuring sleep environment for your child, seamlessly complementing the timeless design of the Hai No Ki collection.

natural ash
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Width: 140 cm Height: 15 cm Length: 2.5 cm

Complies with the European BS 7972 with a focus on safety when used in a crib.

Matériau : Le panneau est en MDF plaqué.

Caractéristiques : Barrière de lit pour berceaux, assurant une transition sécurisée vers la petite enfance.

Entretien : Nettoyer avec un chiffon humide.

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