Hai No Ki Desk - Natural Ash
ART. 76 16 HNK08, EAN 5414375189324


The Hai No Ki Desk is an inspiration for anyone who looks at it and works on it. This desk, inspired by Japanese aesthetics, exudes an atmosphere of timeless beauty and functionality.

With its black steel frame and a top made of ash-veneered MDF, this desk embodies the harmony between modern design and natural warmth. The use of FSC-certified wood underscores our commitment to sustainability and respect for nature.

With generous dimensions of 120x60x75H, this desk offers an inviting workspace where creativity and productivity can flourish. Whether it graces the children's room or the study of an adult, this desk adds a touch of Japanese elegance to any space.

The Hai No Ki Desk is a symbol of the seamless fusion of form and function, and a promise of a harmonious and productive work life.

natural ash
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Width: 120 cm Height: 75 cm Length: 60 cm

Material: Crafted from veneered MDF. With an epoxy-coated metal base.

Features: Desk with storage compartments. For the children's or playroom.

Maintenance: Clean with a damp cloth.

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