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Is this your new room?

What is the first thing your baby sees in the morning? Right, the bedroom. That is why Quax aims to let the room speak to the imagination. Dive into our inspiring world and compose your room as you please. Can’t wait to start decorating? We recently added what you need to our web shop!

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Play time!

With our new Tipi Activity Arch your little one’s First play moments become the most fun and the softest. Your little one can move the knitted toys back and forth for optimal playing pleasure. We provided extra fun by integrating a rattle into two out of the five toys. Are you going somewhere? Then our Tipy can easily go with you: you mount and disassemble the arch in just 5 seconds, without screws. The ultimate play pleasure for your little one - and a design piece for the living room.

Last but not least... Our Tipy matches our Tricot Theme collection. We provided you with matching play mats, blankets, cushions and playpen mats...

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Rock'n'roll comfort!

Pure comfort for mom and dad during those first long feeding sessions, a timeless design piece for the living room and a miniature version for the toddlers. What's not to love? Choose your favorite color here:

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Natural softness

Our new Natural Linen and Sweet Grey collection provide the necessary serenity and softness in the playpen or cot of your little one. And the new playing friend, that's our Riccio, the hedgehog. Riccio is an exceptional hedgehog, because his spikes, are super soft ...

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Side by Side

Nowhere better than close to mom or dad. Our side by side cradle slides against your own bed, so you can feed your baby easily. Leave one side open to caress and soothe your little one. Close to you, but still safe in its own crib. Our side-by-side cradle can be adjusted in height and attached, so it fits perfectly to your bed. We have also thought of the little ones with reflux: make your baby comfortable by adjusting one side upwards. Do you want to use the side by side freestanding? Just close the open side again with the zipper.

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Quax Avenue

Discover our pram Avenue.

This elegant and transformable stroller is provided with all the comfort you need at a very interesting price.

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The QUAX collection

Jump into our catalogue and discover the ultimate Quax dream world.

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About Quax

The Quax world is a soft and stylish world. One that combines contemporary design with warmth and ambiance. Our baby furniture stands for quality and affordability…

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