Sunday Showroom

You will of course want to see this cosy child’s room for yourself, as well as touch it and experience it.

So come and visit us in our Sunday Showroom, because every Sunday between 2.00 and 6.00 pm you can discover our full collection and then order the piece of Furniture or accessory through your favourite store.

Karel Picquélaan, 84
9800 Deinze, Belgium

Closed on public holidays and during school holidays.

COVID measures:
- disinfect hands when entering
- mask not required
- keep 1.5 meters at all times

Quax Avenue

Pushchair or stroller, rain or sunshine; Quax® Avenue is versatility personified. 

Tailored precisely to suit your child and deal with any climate, this smart, ergonomic stroller offers the best protection at all times. 

Complete with rain cover, mosquito net, ventilated hood and handy storage bag. 

With optional furry hand-warmers

S46 A0140
S46 A0338
51 508 Chev 1
51 508 Edg 1
51 508 Edog 1
51 508 Erp 1
51 508 Eta 1
51 508 Ew 1