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Discover Ashi - where elegance and growth intersect. Named after the Japanese word for "feet," Ashi captures the essence of connection. The grace of midcentury modern design defines this collection and harmonizes style and function. Ashi, where dreams and growth merge into lasting elegance.

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Serenity Steps

A touch of genius resides in Ashi's monochromatic allure, where the feet seamlessly harmonize with the construction, forging a symphony of design and functionality. The 'Serenity Steps' found within the Ashi collection are an embodiment of subtle genius, a testament to the perfect marriage of aesthetics and thoughtful construction. This minimalist approach creates an oasis of calm in the nursery, inviting both you and your little one into a serene world where every element is carefully considered.

The legs of these Ashi pieces are not merely functional; they are a homage to mid-century aesthetics, where form and function danced in perfect harmony. Crafted with meticulous attention, they radiate a sense of timeless simplicity that transcends eras, allowing them to seamlessly fit into contemporary baby and children's rooms. This collection is a true testament to the art of refinement and meticulous craftsmanship, where every detail has been lovingly considered to create a sense of balance and tranquility in your child's space.

In summary, the Ashi collection is more than just furniture; it's a journey into the spirit of serenity and harmony. It's a celebration where functionality and aesthetics converge in a timeless and graceful dance, bringing joy and tenderness to your nursery.

Chestnut & Clay

Available in the inviting warmth of Chestnut and the timeless allure of Clay, Ashi celebrates the nurturing colors of nature. The choice of melamine ensures not only durability but also ease of maintenance, embracing the practical needs of parenthood.

Ashi - where comfort, style, and functionality come together for your little one.

Ashi Good to Grow - Junior Kit

The 140x70 bed in the Ashi collection is a symbol of timelessness and durability, evolving with your child through three remarkable stages. Starting as a snug and secure baby crib, it provides comfort in early childhood. Then, as your little one grows, it can be transformed into an open toddler bed, with the option of a guardrail for added safety.

But the true magic is revealed with the junior kit, which elegantly extends the bed to 170x70 cm. Now, it becomes a versatile junior bed, complete with a bedside table for the dreams and adventures of your growing child. Ashi's Growth Bed 140x70 embraces every stage of your child and reflects the journey of parenthood with a piece of furniture that stands the test of time.

Safety, sustainability & more

At Quax, we are committed to sustainability. All furniture panels adhere to the stringent E1 standard for formaldehyde emissions. Our suppliers hold the FSC certificate for responsible forest management. All production processes are powered by electricity generated by solar panels (renewable energy). During production, wood waste is collected and used for heating. The rest of the materials are recycled to create new chipboard. The paints are water-based and waste-free. Our suppliers are responsible for the certificates of their products, such as EN 71-3 with a focus on the migration of harmful elements. Our furniture is tested by internationally recognized authorities for EN-716 for the cribs and EN-12221 for the diaper extensions.

The legs are made from solid beech wood. All other materials are made from melamine-coated chipboard. Except for the sides with spindles and the slatted frames of the beds, which are made from solid wood and finished with polyurethane lacquer.

The Ashi collection is a versatile and elegant choice for the nursery. This collection includes a 120 x 60 cm bed, a 140 x 70 cm bed that can be converted into an open bed, expandable with an optional bed rail. Additionally, the collection offers a dresser with 3 convenient drawers, which can be equipped with an optional diaper extension for added functionality. To complete the collection, there is also a two or three-door wardrobe with convenient storage drawers at the bottom to meet all your storage needs.

Furthermore, for parents choosing the 140 x 70 cm bed, there's the convenient Junior Kit - 170 x 70 available. This kit includes all the necessary pieces to transform the 140 x 70 cm bed into a spacious junior bed, including a slatted base and a bedside table. In short, with the Ashi collection, you have everything you need to furnish the perfect nursery.