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Welcome to Yume, where dreams unfold in an embrace of natural beauty and timeless elegance. Yume, which means 'Dream' in Japanese, embodies comfort and sophistication, inviting you into an oasis of serenity. Inspired by the beauty of organic forms and crafted with the utmost care, Yume is a sanctuary where the most enchanting dreams come true. With its gentle curves and thoughtful design, Yume promises to be a perfect beginning for your little one's journey.

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Natural Ash

For those who appreciate the timeless beauty of natural elements, the Yume baby room in natural ash veneer is a seamless extension of our beloved bestselling Hai No Ki collection. This version exudes warmth and harmony, inviting a connection with the world's natural wonders right into your nursery.

Good To Grow - Yume Junior Kit

In line with the thoughtful design of Yume, we are pleased to introduce you to the optional junior kit, a fantastic addition that underscores the versatility and endurance of Yume. With the junior extension kit, both the Yume 110 x 70 crib and the Yume 140 x 70 crib can extend the bed to an impressive 170 cm. This is a remarkable innovation that transforms your baby's room into a space that accompanies your little one from the very first moments of life to the age of 10.

Yume's design is a tribute to the natural curves that soothe and comfort

Hai No Ki & Yume: A Match Made in Heaven Perfect Match

Discover the magical world of Quax's Yume and Hai No Ki collections, where dreams and adventures come together in perfect harmony. Our collections are united by the warm and natural appearance of natural ash wood, allowing you to mix and match endlessly with your favorite pieces. Whether it's a Hai No Ki crib combined with a Yume dresser or a Hai No Ki desk with a Yume junior kit bed, your imagination knows no bounds. Let your creativity flow and create an enchanting world for your little one, where dreams become a reality.

Safety, sustainability & more

At Quax, we strive to use sustainable materials. All furniture panels meet the strict E1 standard for formaldehyde emissions. Additionally, we support sustainable forest management and request our suppliers to submit an FSC certificate. Only reputable suppliers provide high-quality furniture hardware and finishes.

Our producers are responsible for the certificates of their products, such as EN 71-3, focusing on the migration of harmful elements. Our furniture is tested by internationally recognized authorities according to EN-716 for cribs, EN-12221 for dressers (extensions), and EN 12227 for playpens.

The Yume collection is a symphony of elegance and functionality for the nursery. This versatile collection includes a 110 x 70 cm baby crib, as well as a 140 x 70 cm crib that can easily transform into a sofa, with the option to add an optional bed rail. Furthermore, the Yume junior kit allows you to transform both the 110 x 70 and the 140 x 70 cribs into spacious 170 x 70 cm junior cribs.

In addition, the collection features a stylish dresser that can be optionally equipped with a convenient diaper extension. The wardrobe with two swinging doors offers ample storage space for the nursery.

What truly sets the Yume collection apart are the additions of a handy storage table and a matching child's chair. This not only makes the room functional but also adds a touch of playful charm to the space. Discover the versatile possibilities of the Yume collection for the perfect nursery that grows with your little one.