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Cocoon Series

Do you long for the ultimate cocooning experience? Let yourself be enchanted by the Cocoon collection. Here, you are the designer of your own oasis, where you can make a personal mark on your dresser and wardrobe with colorful niches of your choice. Opt for earthy tones, and a touch of color, or add an extra dose of warmth. The Cocoon room, skillfully designed by Quax, not only offers minimalism but also the opportunity to personalize your nursery with insertable niches, available in various colors.

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Be your own designer

Bring your space to life with the enchanting possibilities of Cocoon's beautifully customizable niches. The key to creating a captivating and personal atmosphere for your little one's room lies in these delicate nuances of eight refined colors.

Imagine stepping into a world where your creative vision takes the lead, where you can express your unique style with a touch of color. With the practical niches from the Cocoon collection, you can effortlessly transform your little one's room into a space that embraces the warmth of your love and reflects the beauty of your creative soul. Each color tells a story, each shade brings its own atmosphere. Choose from a palette of subtle tones, from soft hues to deep, rich colors. Whether you opt for a serene, earthy ambiance or a lively burst of colors, these niches grant you the freedom to create, dream, and bring your own style to life.

Welcome to the world of Cocoon, where your creative vision shines and where you can share your love for design with your little one.

Cocoon Good to Grow - Junior Kit

The 140x70 bed in the Cocoon collection is a symbol of timelessness and durability, evolving with your child through three remarkable phases. Starting as a cozy and secure baby crib, it provides comfort in early childhood. As your little one grows, it can be transformed into an open bed, with the option of a safety rail for added safety.

But the true magic is unveiled with the junior kit, allowing the bed to elegantly extend to 170x70 cm. Now, it becomes a versatile junior bed, complete with a side table for the dreams and adventures of your growing child. The Cocoon Bed 140x70 embraces every stage of your child and reflects the journey of parenthood with a piece of furniture that stands the test of time.

Latte, Moss, Ice White, Eboni & Natural Oak

The Cocoon room collection offers abundant choice with its five beautiful color options: from the warm charm of Latte, the natural beauty of Moss and Natural Oak, to the timeless elegance of Ice White and the depth of Eboni. With these diverse palettes, there's something for everyone. Whether you love earthy tones, bright white, or rich dark shades, the Cocoon collection caters to your personal style and taste, ensuring the nursery perfectly complements the ambiance you want to create.

Add an elegant twist to your nursery with the Cocoon collection, where creativity and your unique style come together.

Sustainability, safety & more

At Quax we support sustainability. All furniture panels meet the strict E1 standard on formaldehyde emissions. Our suppliers have the FSC certificate for responsible foresting. All the production processes are powered by electricity gained from solar panels (renewable energy). During production wood waste is gathered and used for heating. The rest of the materials are recycled to make new chipboard panels. The paints are water-based with zero waste. Our suppliers are responsible for the certificates of their products, such as EN 71-3 with attention to the migration of harmful elements. Our furniture is tested by internationally recognized bodies on EN-716 for the cots and EN-12221 for the changing tables.

The legs are made of solid beech. All other materials are from melamine-faced chipboard. The sides with bars and the slatted frame of the beds are made of solid wood and finished with a polyurethane lacquer.

The Cocoon range includes a 120x60 cm bed, a 140x70 cm bed that's convertible into a junior version, and a junior bed of 200x90 cm. Additionally, there is a chest of drawers with 3 drawers and an open compartment, this can be equipped with an optional diaper extension. To complete the collection there is a three or four-door wardrobe with an open compartment and drawer.