Cocoon Chest - Niche - Clay
ART. 54F01-05-001, EAN 5414375193666


Transform your Cocoon Chest into a personal artwork with the Cocoon Chest Niche. With the practical niches from the Cocoon collection, you can effortlessly transform your little one's room into a space that embraces the warmth of your love and reflects the beauty of your creative soul. Each color tells a story, each shade brings its own atmosphere. Choose from a palette of subtle tones, from soft hues to deep, rich colors. Whether you opt for a calm, earthy ambiance or a lively color spectacle, these niches give you the freedom to create, dream, and bring your own style to life.

In addition to its aesthetic value, the Cocoon Chest Niche is also functional. You can also use it as a toy box, a convenient storage space for toys, diapers, or other necessities by equipping it with separately available wheels.

Turn your wardrobe into a work of art and enjoy the versatility and functionality that this niche has to offer.

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Width: 38 cm Height: 48 cm Length: 28 cm

Dimensions: 45 x 33 x 45.5 cm

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54 F01 05 001 2
54 F01 05 001 3
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