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Loft Series

The Loft collection found its inspiration in sleek Scandinavian design. It is a beloved choice within the Quax family, a collection of furniture that is crisply designed and attractively priced. This collection is a celebration of affordable luxury, where style and simplicity go hand in hand. Let yourself be inspired by the timeless beauty of Loft.

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Loft Good to Grow - Junior Kit

The 140x70 bed in the Loft collection is a symbol of timelessness and durability, evolving with your child through three remarkable phases. Starting as a secure and snug baby crib, it provides comfort in early childhood. Then, as your little one grows, it can be transformed into an open toddler bed, with the option of a bed guardrail for added safety.

But the true magic reveals itself with the junior kit, which elegantly extends the bed to 170x70 cm. Now, it becomes a versatile junior bed, complete with a side table for the dreams and adventures of your growing child. The Loft Bed 140x70 embraces every stage of your child's development and reflects the journey of parenthood with a piece of furniture that stands the test of time.

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Stylish Safety: Quax Safety Rails

At Quax, we understand that your little one's safety always comes first. That's why we've developed our optional bed rails with great care and attention, providing reassuring protection with their 90-centimeter length. They are designed to perfectly fit the open 140 x 70 cm cribs and the junior kit beds, allowing your child to sleep soundly and safely.

Our bed rails are available in various colors, making it effortless to blend them with all our room collections and color textures. Whether you choose the warmth of Ashi in Walnut, the timeless beauty of Loft in Clay, our bed rails seamlessly adapt to complete your room decor. You can easily slide the bed rails under the mattress, making installation hassle-free and ensuring a sturdy and secure attachment. This way, you can spend the night with peace of mind, knowing your child is sleeping safely.

With Quax's optional bed rails, you have the opportunity to unite functionality and beauty, so your child's room is not only safe but also a reflection of your own style. Discover the perfect harmony of design and safety with our bed rails because, at Quax, safety and style go hand in hand.

Loft: an absolute winner at a soft price

Sustainability, safety & more

At Quax we support sustainability. All furniture panels meet the strict E1 standard on formaldehyde emissions. Our suppliers have the FSC certificate for responsible foresting. All the production processes are powered by electricity gained from solar panels (renewable energy). During production wood waste is gathered and used for heating. The rest of the materials are recycled to make new chipboard panels. The paints are water-based with zero waste. Our suppliers are responsible for the certificates of their products, such as EN 71-3 with attention to the migration of harmful elements. Our furniture is tested by internationally recognized bodies on EN-716 for the cots and EN-12221 for the changing tables.

The legs are made of solid beech. All other materials are from meliminated chipboard. The sides with bars of the beds are also made of solid beech and the slatted mattress support of solid lime. The sides and slats are finished with polyurethane lacquer.

The range includes a 120x60 cm bed, a 140x70 cm bed that's convertible into a junior version, and a convertible bed 120x200 cm (only in white). Additionally, there is a chest with 2 drawers and 3 open compartments, which can be equipped with an optional diaper extension. To complete the collection there is a two or three-door wardrobe with an open compartment.