Loft Chest - White
ART. 54F03003, EAN 5414375177642


The Loft Commode embodies the perfect combination of functionality and elegance. This dresser, an oasis of organization, offers a beautiful storage space for your little one's treasures with its two handle-less drawers with push system and three storage compartments. Supported by four solid beech wood legs, it radiates not only durability but also the love and care you put into every gesture. With dimensions of 86 x 48 x 92 cm, it is the perfect addition to the nursery.

For additional practical convenience, add the optional extension (ref. 54F0300XE) and transform the Loft Commode into a changing table. Easy to install and remove, the dresser retains its charm while optimizing space. By opting for a dresser with extension, you maintain the coherence of the nursery while caring for your little one in a practical and stylish manner.

The Loft Commode is part of the inspiring Loft collection, inspired by Scandinavian design yet affordable. Discover the full range, from convertible beds to practical dressers and wardrobes, and create a dreamy and functional space for your little one to grow, play, and dream.

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Width: 86 cm Height: 92 cm Length: 48 cm

The Loft Dresser is crafted with high-quality materials to ensure durability and style. The legs are made of solid beech wood, providing not only stability but also a warm and natural appearance to the piece. The top structure is made of melamine-coated chipboard, a sturdy and easy-to-maintain material that withstands daily use.

The dresser is equipped with two drawers with a convenient push system, allowing easy access to the storage space without the need for handles. For added convenience, the dresser can be equipped with a diaper extension (ref. 54F0300xE), making the piece even more functional for caring for your little one.

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