Hai No Ki Junior Bed - 200 x 90 cm - Natural Ash
ART. 76 16 HNK01JUN, EAN 5414375188150


The Hai No Ki Junior Bed - 200 x 90 cm is a Japanese-inspired design that brings a timeless touch to the nursery as your little one grows.

This bed is crafted with solid ash legs, and its headboards and sides are made of MDF veneered ash. It can also be equipped with an optional side table.

Sustainability is very important to us, which is why we love a room that can grow together with your little one. Switch the Hai No Ki baby bed to this junior size and keep your interior cohesive. The perfect choice for parents who value sustainability and contemporary design.

natural ash
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Width: 206 cm Height: 39 cm Length: 96 cm

The legs and sides with spindles are crafted from solid ash wood, while the end panels are made of veneered MDF. Maintenance: clean with a damp cloth. The bed can be equipped with an optional side table, code 76 16 HNK01JUNT-xx. The recommended size of the mattress: 200 x 90 x 17H cm

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