Hai No Ki Bed - 120 x 60 cm - Natural Ash
ART. 76 16 HNK01, EAN 5414375185753


The Hai No Ki Bed - 120 x 60 cm embodies the traditional Japanese philosophy of connecting with nature. With graceful oval columns that paint enchanting shadows and the prominent use of Hai No Ki wood, which means 'ash wood' in Japanese, this bed brings a sense of warmth and simplicity to the nursery.

This bed is crafted from MDF veneered ash with solid ash wood sides. It offers two mattress base positions for proper support. Furthermore, this bed can be transformed into a sofa when your child reaches the age of 4, simply by removing one side with spindles.

Safety and durability are paramount, and the Hai No Ki Bed complies with stringent safety standards as defined in the EN 716 norm, providing peace of mind for you and your little one. Every detail reflects Quax's deep connection to nature, creating a harmonious sanctuary.

Let the natural beauty and timeless elegance of the Hai No Ki Bed enrich the nursery.

natural ash
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Width: 124 cm Height: 95 cm Length: 66 cm

This bed meets the safety prescriptions provided in the EN 716 standard. If the bed is used as a sofa by omitting a side with bars, this is only possible if the child has reached the age of 4 years.

Recommended dimensions of the mattress: 120x60x9H cm

The legs and sides with spindles are crafted from solid ash wood, while the end panels are made of veneered MDF. Convertible to a sofa-bed for children with a mattress size of 120x60 cm. Two height positions for the slatted base.

Maintenance: clean with a damp cloth.

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