Hai No Ki Junior Kit - 170 x 70 cm - Natural Ash
ART. 76 16 HNK01XL-EK, EAN 5414375196124


Step into a world of timeless elegance with the Hai No Ki Junior Kit, a harmonious extension that further amplifies the timeless essence of the Hai No Ki - 140 x 70.

With this kit, transform the 140 x 70 cm bed into a steadfast companion for your child's growth up to 10 years old. The very bed that cradled their earliest dreams now becomes the foundation for their journey into their teenage years. This kit also includes an extension for the slatted bed base.

Accentuate the room with the addition of the matching desk (art. 76 16 HNK08) and bookshelf (art. 76 16 HNK10), creating a space where childhood stories evolve into tales of adolescence.

The Hai No Ki Junior Kit not only honors the past but paves the way for the future, nurturing a seamless transition from the innocence of youth to the promise of teenage exploration.

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Complies with the European standard EN 1725 with attention to strength, durability, and safety of beds.

Material: The extension for the slatted base and the end panel are made of veneered MDF.

Features: Extends the Hai No Ki Bed 140 to 170 cm. Includes extension for the slatted base.

Maintenance: Clean with a damp cloth.

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