Yume Junior Kit - 170 x 70 cm - Natural Ash
ART. 76 16 NM01-EK-003, EAN 5414375198425


Discover the Yume Junior Kit - 170 x 70, the perfect addition for parents seeking durability and versatility for the nursery.

This kit allows you to easily transform both the Yume Bed 110 x 70 and the Yume Bed 140 x 70 into a comfortable junior bed. This means your child can enjoy their trusted bed until they are 10 years old. The kit includes all the necessary components to facilitate this transformation smoothly, including extra slatted support for optimal comfort.

To optimize your child's sleep comfort, we offer separate mattress parts: Yume Mattress for Junior Kit - 30 x 70 (ref. 2010004-ZIP) Yume Mattress for Junior Kit - 60 x 70 (ref. 2010005-ZIP) If you prefer an entirely new mattress, we have the Yume Mattress 170 x 70 x 14 cm (ref. 2010008-ZIP). This mattress is designed to complete the 170 x 70 junior bed, ensuring your child enjoys peaceful nights of sleep.

With the Yume Junior Kit - 170 x 70 and our mattress options, you can transform the nursery into a space where comfort and durability come together. Give your child the opportunity to grow with their trusted bed and create a sleep environment where the sweetest dreams come to life.

natural ash
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Width: 174 cm Height: 75 cm Length: 92 cm

With the Yume Bed 170 x 70, your little one's safety comes first. This bed complies with the European standard EN 716, meaning we have paid special attention to preventing pinching at the head and fingers, and ensuring adequate ventilation for a safe sleep environment. You can trust that your little one will sleep safely and snugly in the Yume Bed.

For ultimate comfort, add our matching mattress (art. 2010006-ZIP), specially designed to perfectly fit the rounded corners of the bed. The mattress also has rounded corners for a seamless fit.

The extensions for the slatted base and the end panels are carefully crafted from high-quality ash-veneered MDF. The veneered MDF not only adds a touch of elegance but also provides a solid foundation for the slatted base and end panels, ensuring the bed's durability and stability. Additionally, these materials are easy to maintain, allowing you to keep the bed clean and in optimal condition for your child. Simply cleaning with a damp cloth is sufficient to keep the bed fresh and clean.

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