My First Montessori - Rings & Rocking Base
ART. 76EGA303-01, EAN 5414375197046


Explore the fascinating world of learning and play with "My First Montessori - Rings & Rocking Base" from the Quax MonteWood Toys collection. This beautiful toy is inspired by Montessori principles and offers an educational and enjoyable experience for young explorers.

This toy consists of four parts: a rocking base and three rings of different sizes. The rocking base invites interaction and stimulates your child's motor skills and coordination. With the various sizes of the rings, your little one can practice stacking and sorting, promoting essential skills like spatial perception and hand-eye coordination.

Moreover, "My First Montessori - Rings & Rocking Base" is designed with sustainability and aesthetics in mind. This toy adds not only fun to your child's play space but also a touch of beauty and style to your interior.

With the MonteWood Toys collection, you bring together education and design in an enchanting collection that awakens children's senses and is part of an educational and entertaining play environment.

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