My First Montessori - Puzzle Box
ART. 76EGT102-01, EAN 5414375197121


Discover education and play through "My First Montessori - Puzzle Box" from the Quax MonteWood Toys collection. This versatile toy is an invitation to exploration, creativity, and learning.

The box consists of 22 individual blocks that can be assembled to form an exciting puzzle. Young curious minds will love solving the puzzle, thereby stimulating their thinking and coordination.

Moreover, the individual blocks can be used to build structures and unleash creativity. "My First Montessori - Puzzle Box Large" is designed to encourage creative thinking and free play.

The Quax MonteWood Toys collection combines aesthetics and education, offering toys that are both beautiful and educational. Give your child a fun and engaging learning experience with this versatile puzzle box.

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