Loft Chest - Extension - White
ART. 54F03003E, EAN 5414375177659


Enhance the functionality of your Loft Dresser with this thoughtful extension, designed to provide comfort and convenience during diaper changes. The raised dresser top with an extra 22 cm of space creates an intimate spot for these daily care moments, while the diaper surface of the extension (50x70 cm) combines practical convenience with a touch of magic.

By choosing a dresser with an extension, you maintain the cohesive look of the nursery while ensuring practical and stylish care for your little one. After use, the extension is easily removable, preserving the dresser's original charm. With dimensions of 70 x 54 x 8 cm, the extension complies with the EN 12221:2008 + A1:2013 standard, providing reassuring safety for your baby.

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Width: 54 cm Height: 8 cm Length: 70 cm

This changing extension meets the safety prescriptions provided in the EN 12221:2008 +A1:2013 standard while using a Quax diaper cushion with raised edges, article 54102-EU-XX (Size : 50 x 9 x 70 cm).

This extension is specifically designed for use with the Loft Commode 54F 03 00x. Crafted from high-quality melamine chipboard, it ensures durability and seamless integration with the commode.

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