Hocker Rocker De Luxe - Sand Grey
ART. 76 16 J1818-1-SA, EAN 5414375177765


The Rocking Hocker De Luxe is the perfect complement to your Rocking Chair De Luxe - Adult, providing ultimate comfort for your feet. This hocker is designed to seamlessly match the style and functionality of the Rocking Chair De Luxe.

Measuring H40 x W48 x D70, this hocker offers ample space to stretch and relax your legs. Place it in the perfect position and enjoy an even more comfortable seating experience while in your rocking chair.

Like the Rocking Chair De Luxe, the hocker features exquisite craftsmanship and high-quality materials. The wooden base complements the rocking chair perfectly, creating a harmonious look.

Create the ultimate relaxation spot in your nursery or living room with the Rocking Hocker De Luxe and Rocking Chair De Luxe - Adult.

sand grey
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Width: 48 cm Height: 42 cm Length: 57 cm

Chassis: solid birch and polyurethane epoxidized metal Upholstery: 100% polyester

76 16 J1818 1 SA 1
76 16 J1818 1 SA 2
76 16 J1818 1 SA 3