Muslin Blanket/Towel XL - Natural Collection - Clay
ART. 03BA-MBL1-16, EAN 5414375190672


Discover our delightful Muslin blanket/towel for summer, made from 100% cotton from the Natural Collection. This versatile blanket can also be used as a towel or swaddle blanket and can be used recto/verso.

With dimensions of 90 x 110 cm, it offers plenty of versatility in use. It's washable at 30°C, making it easy to maintain.

Thanks to the natural cotton, it feels incredibly soft on your little one's skin. Whether you use it to dry them after a bath, as a light blanket during the summer, or as a swaddle blanket for soothing sleep, our Muslin adds comfort and versatility to your baby's care.

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Width: 110 cm Height: 90 cm

100% cotton

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