Door gate - Self-locking - Black
ART. 06ESG20-002, EAN 5414375188495


Welcome to your secure home with our self-locking automatic door gate. This door gate is designed to be easy to use and provides a reliable barrier for door openings ranging from 73.4 to 79.8 cm in width.

Made from durable metal, this doorgate is built to last and withstand daily use. For added flexibility, optional extension pieces are available in two sizes: 12.4 cm and 6.2 cm, allowing you to customize the door gate to the specific needs of your home.

With its self-locking mechanism, you won't have to worry about accidentally leaving it open. It automatically closes behind you, making it a safe choice for families with curious little ones.

Choose convenience and safety with our self-locking automatic door gate, the perfect addition to your home.

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Width: 71.3 cm Height: 78.3 cm Length: 3.7 cm


06 ESG20 002 1
06 ESG20 002 2
06 ESG20 002 3