Door Gate - Extension 6.2 cm - Black
ART. 06ESG20-002-E1, EAN 5414375188518


Expand the versatility of your door barrier 06ESG20 with our "Door Barrier Extension - 6.2 cm". This metal extension effortlessly adds an extra 6.2 cm width to your door barrier, allowing you to easily adapt it to the openings in your home.

With this extension, you can quickly and safely create a barrier that meets your specific needs. The durable metal material ensures strength and reliability.

Whether you're dealing with a narrow doorway or a space you want to secure, this extension offers the solution you're looking for. With one extension, you can create openings from 85.8 to 92.2 cm, providing flexibility to secure different areas of your home.

Choose peace of mind and convenience with our "Door Barrier Extension - 6.2 cm".

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Width: 18.6 cm Height: 76.2 cm Length: 2 cm


06 ESG20 002 E1 1