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My Potty: Tips & Tricks

Is your little one potty training ready? We're happy to help you during all the most important milestones of your little one, including the potty training phase. Discover some vital tips and tricks. 

Start at the beginning

When is the right moment to start potty training? The answer is simple: whenever your little one is ready for it. Each child is different, some are ready at just 18 months old, while others might take a little longer. Respect your little ones' pace. But how do you know they're ready to start? Here are some key characteristics that indicate your toddler is ready to start potty training: 

  • Your little one indicates they need to pee by fiddling with the diaper, kicking their legs, staring at their tummy, and so on.
  • Your little one stays dry for an extended period of time, for example after nap time. 
  • Your little one feels uncomfortable with a full diaper.
  • Your little one shows interest in the toilet or their potty.
  • Your little one gets curious about your business on the toilet.

Make sure you don't force the potty training process, especially when your child isn't ready. When you do start while your little one is not biologically ready, this can have a major negative impact. It can lead to anxiety or frustration, both for you as your toddler. All in good time.

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I am very happy with "My Potty". It is now the second time I choose this lovely potty from Quax. With its simple design and neutral colors, My Potty fits nicely into our interior and can be placed anywhere, love it!
Maman de Mozi
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Who, What and Where?

Start potty training at a convenient time when you have plenty of time on your hands. The vacation period is perfect, therefore. Of course, it'd be great if your little one is dry before the new school year starts, but respect their pace and don't force anything.

Get your little one used to their new potty. For example, let them sit on it with a diaper or demonstrate how to use the potty with their favorite stuffed animal, doll, or toy. Give the potty a permanent spot in your house, this way your toddler always knows how to find it. The Quax "My Potty" makes the perfect choice because it fits seamlessly in your interior because of it's stunning minimalist design. The proximity of the potty is convenient because there are only seconds between realizing "oh, I have to pee" and actually sitting on the potty.

Would you like dry nights, too? When your toddler starts using the potty well, you will notice that they often stay dry at night. If this is the case 5 out of 7 nights, you may want to consider not using a diaper at night. However, do not force this by not allowing drinking after 4 p.m., for example. Sufficient hydration is always more important than potty training.

Little accident? It happens! If you notice an accident, ask them quickly to go on their potty, even if it's just for a few drops. This can already be a success in making the association. Try your best to not react in a disappointed manner to their accidents. However, make sure to compliment your little one when they're doing well, even if they just go on their potty and not really doing anything. You know your child best, so compliment them in a way that's best for them. 

Teamwork makes the dream work. Provide adequate support during this intense process. Make sure those around you, such as grandma and grandpa or daycare, are aware and possibly provide a potty at those locations so your child can practice there as well. Also, don't forget to take good care of yourself - you too deserve compliments!

I'd recommend the My Potty to all parents, it's super comfortable for your little one and very easy to use and clean.
Maman de Jolie Ella Ida
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Why the Quax My Potty?

Why Quax's My Potty is the perfect partner in the potty training process? Here are all the advantages of the My Potty listed:

Smart design: The My Potty was designed in collaboration with engineers to create the sturdiest, most practical, and most beautiful potty ever.

Comfortable backrest: The high backrest of the potty provides extra comfort, just like a real throne. It also promotes an ergonomically correct posture which encourages potty training.

Timeless and minimalist design: The timeless and minimalist design means you don't have to hide the potty. Like this you're able to leave the My Potty in plain sight and therefore always top of mind for your toddler.

Easy to clean: The easily removable white potty with a high-gloss finish is easy to clean and provides a fresh look.

Various color options: Available in 5 neutral colors so you can choose the one that best suits your interior.

Some more reviews of moms that used "My Potty" for potty training

Mom of Chloe We LOVE our potty! Potty training is so easy for us since we can use this beautiful stylish potty from Quax. It fits the kids perfectly - they sit on it very well and comfortably.
Mom of L. We are fans of "My Potty! It's comfortable for your child and beautiful for your home. The latter is a big plus because you want to keep it in sight of your child without it being a burden in your home.
Mom of Rio I didn't expect to like a potty. It fits our home perfectly, and I find it so convenient that we can leave it in the living room for our little one. This really is a winning concept at our house!