Wooden Mobile - Pelican
ART. 76EGDM0203, EAN 5414375173828


Let yourself be enchanted by the elegance of our wooden mobile featuring a graceful pelican. This mobile not only brings a touch of serenity to the baby's room but also tells a special story of love and devotion.

In this symbolic dance of life, the pelican carries a precious gift, an egg, symbolizing a fresh start and growth. The wooden artwork is crafted from solid pine wood and leather, emphasizing its durability and refined appearance.

With dimensions of 95 x 107 x 18 cm, this mobile is the beating heart of the baby's room, a place where dreams and adventures begin. Be inspired by the simple beauty of the pelican and the deeper story it tells as you lovingly embrace the journey of growth and development with your little one.

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Width: 107 cm Height: 18 cm Length: 95 cm

Not a toy, keep out of reach of children.

Crafted from solid pine wood and leather

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