Trendy Bed Side Protector 140 x 70 cm - White
ART. 54014122XL-BR, EAN 5414375168015


Discover the "Trendy Safety Barrier 140 x 70 cm" by Quax, a practical accessory designed for the Trendy bed of the same dimensions. Made of high-quality MDF and beech wood, this bed rail provides extra security for your little one during the transition to a larger bed.

With dimensions of 140 x 2 x 26 cm, this bed rail fits perfectly with the Trendy bed and ensures that your child can sleep safely and comfortably at night, without the risk of falling out of bed. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, you can be assured of its durability and stability.

This bed rail is easy to assemble and seamlessly complements the design of the Trendy bed. In no time, you can transform the bed into one with an open side, making the transition from crib to a larger bed smooth. Choose the "Trendy Bed Rail 140 x 70 cm" and provide your child with a safe and comfortable sleeping environment.

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Width: 140 cm Height: 26 cm Length: 2 cm

This bedrail should not comply with safety regulations. But since the bed is changed please follow the safety prescriptions provided in the EN 716:2008+A1:2013 bed standard.

Structure: mdf Finish: water based system applied in 3 layers tested on EN 71-3 for primer and fi nish lacquer

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