Self Adhesive Sunshade for Car - 2 pcs
ART. 76YB03, EAN 5414375178373


Protect your little one from intense sun rays with these self-adhesive car sunshades, available in a convenient set of two. These sunshades are designed to block up to 98% of harmful UV rays, providing your baby with a safe and comfortable journey, even on the sunniest days.

What makes these sunshades fantastic is their self-adhesive and electrostatic film (0.15 mm). You won't have to deal with suction cups or complicated attachments. Simply stick them to the car window, and they will stay securely in place without any effort.

Each sunshade has dimensions of 48.50 x 32 cm, perfect for providing ample shade for your little one during the ride. With this set of two sunshades, you can protect both the front and rear windows of your car.

Ensure a pleasant and safe journey for your baby while keeping those harmful sun rays at bay. With these self-adhesive car sunshades, you provide your baby with the protection they deserve.

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Width: 49 cm Height: 32 cm

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