Bed Side Protector 90 cm - Clay
ART. 54FD-01-001, EAN 5414375196292


The Safety Barrier is an optional companion for cribs that seamlessly integrates into your child's dream world. With dimensions of 90 cm in length, 2 cm in width, and 32 cm in height, this guardrail provides not only physical safety for your little one but also peace of mind for you as a parent during the transition from a crib to a toddler bed. It complies with the European BS 7972 standard, designed with special attention to safety in cribs.

Simply place the Safety Rail under your toddler's open bed mattress so they can peacefully drift into a world full of adventures. As they touch the stars and travel to magical realms in their dreams, they remain snug and protected. All materials are made of melamine-coated chipboard, ensuring durability and safety.

Add a touch of magic to the nursery and safeguard your child's most precious dreams with the Safety Rail - where dreams and protection come together.

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Width: 90 cm Height: 30 cm

The safety barrier complies with the strict European standard BS 7972, ensuring a safe environment during the transition from a baby cot to a toddler bed, with special attention given to protection against falls and other risks.

The safety barrier is made of high-quality melamine-coated chipboard, ensuring both durability and safety. For maintenance, we recommend regular cleaning with a damp cloth, followed by drying with a soft cloth, to preserve its longevity and hygiene.

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