Playpen Mattress - Fabric - 93 x 10 x 73
ART. 209000-9, EAN 5420037801794


With the "Playpen Mattress - Fabric - 93 x 10 x 73 cm," you provide your playpen with a comfortable and safe surface for your little one to play and rest on. This playpen mattress, model D4, is made of durable polyether foam with a density of 17 kg/m³, offering a perfect balance between comfort and support.

The mattress features a fixed cover without piping and boasts an elegant damask pattern, making it not only a functional choice but also an visually appealing element in the playpen.

Safety is our priority, which is why this playpen mattress is treated against dust mites, ensuring a healthy and hygienic play environment for your baby. The material consists of polyether and cotton, making it both durable and comfortable.

Give your baby the comfort they deserve with the "Playpen Mattress - Fabric - 93 x 10 x 73 cm" in the playpen.

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Width: 93 cm Height: 10 cm Length: 73 cm


209000 9 1