Playpen Mattress - 93 x 4 x 73 cm
ART. 209000, EAN 5420037801800


With our "Playpen Mattress - 93 x 4 x 73 cm," provide your little one with the comfort they deserve during their playtime in the playpen. This mattress is made of durable polyether foam and offers a soft surface for your baby to play and rest on.

The removable cover with a stylish damask pattern is not only a visual delight but also practical to maintain. You can easily remove the cover and wash it to keep a fresh and clean environment for your baby.

Safety is a priority, which is why this playpen mattress is treated against dust mites, providing your baby with a healthy and hygienic play environment. With a density of 17 kg/m³, this mattress offers the right balance between comfort and support.

Create a comfortable and safe play space for your baby with the "Playpen Mattress - 93 x 4 x 73 cm."

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Width: 93 cm Height: 5 cm Length: 73 cm


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