Playpen Mat PVC - Ruler - Lightshadow
ART. 54021100-M3-260, EAN 5414375147386


This PVC Playpen Mat with a height chart is not just a functional item; it's also a symbol of your precious baby's growth and development. Measuring 93 x 72 cm and 4 cm thick, this changing mat provides a comfortable and secure place to tend to your baby's needs.

The unique height chart pattern, resembling a tree of life, invites you to symbolically track your baby's growth. Each centimeter marks a precious moment in your little one's journey to adulthood. This design isn't just practical; it's also decorative, adding a touch of symbolism and beauty to the baby's room.

Enjoy the special journey of your baby's growth while caring for them on this special Playpen Mat. Made from phthalate-free PVC, it's safe and easy to clean, making it the perfect accessory for daily use.

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Compliant with EN 12221:2008

PVC - No phtalates

54021100 M3 260 1