Playpen Marie-Lucca - Twins - White
ART. 01024222, EAN 5414375161535


The Park Marie-Lucca - Twins is a warm embrace for twice the love. Crafted from durable beechwood, this park proudly complies with the EN 12227-2010 standard. With a bottom adjustable to three different heights (24 cm, 38 cm, and 52 cm), this park offers the flexibility to grow with your two little ones.

Create a safe and loving space where your twins can play, rest, and explore.

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Width: 153 cm Height: 85 cm Length: 85 cm

This playpen meets the safety prescriptions provided in the EN 12227:2010 standard.

Frame: MDF lacquered with nitrocellulose base Bars: solid beech lacquered with nitrocellulose base Bottom: MDF, edges lacquered with nitrocellulose base Recommended dimensions of the mattress: 145 x 4 x 77 cm.

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