Indigo Bedside Protector - Moonshadow
ART. 54014716XL-BR, EAN 5414375172975

€125.01 €87.51

The Indigo Bed Rail is an essential accessory to ensure the safety of your little one during the transition to an open bed. Made of high-quality material, this bed rail perfectly complements the Indigo Bed/Bench 140 x 70 cm.

With a simple and sturdy attachment, the bed rail provides peace of mind, knowing that your child can sleep safely and comfortably. Its sleek design seamlessly fits into the style of the Indigo collection and adds a touch of elegance to the children's room.

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Width: 140 cm Height: 26 cm Length: 2 cm

This bedrail should not comply with safety regulations. But since the bed is changed please follow the safety prescriptions provided in the EN 716:2008+A1:2013 bed standard.

Structure: mdf and solid beech for the base Finish: polyurethane-based system applied in 3 layers tested on EN 71-3 for primer and finish lacquer.

54014716 XL BR 1
54014716 XL BR 2
54014716 XL BR 3