Havana Bed - 140 x 70 - White
ART. 540135PXL14-C, EAN 5414375177192

€890.00 €623.00

The Havana Bed - 140 x 70 is a versatile and stylish children's bed that is perfect for your growing child. With a mattress size of 140 x 70 cm, this bed provides more space for comfortable nights.

This bed comes with an adjustable bottom at three different heights (26/35/48 cm), allowing you to adapt it to your child's age and needs. Additionally, this bed features an optional side, which allows it to be transformed into a bed or a sofa.

Crafted from lacquered MDF/MFC, this bed combines durability with a contemporary design. It complies with the EN 716/2017 standard, ensuring it meets stringent safety standards.

Choose the Havana Bed - 140 x 70 for a combination of versatility, style, and safety in the nursery.

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Width: 145 cm Height: 86 cm Length: 75 cm

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