Flow Bed - 120 x 60 cm - Clay
ART. 54F02-01001, EAN 5414375185852


Step into the timeless beauty of the Flow collection, where clean lines and refined simplicity come together to capture the essence of peace and serenity. The Flow Bed, with its minimalist design, brings this aesthetic to life in all its glory. This bed is an invitation to create your own wabi-sabi world, a place where the beauty of simplicity is celebrated.

The bed's base is adjustable at three different heights (30 cm, 45 cm, and 60 cm), providing the perfect resting place for your little one at every stage of growth. The four solid beechwood feet add a touch of natural elegance to the design.

This bed complies with the EN 716:2017 safety standard, allowing you to enjoy the serene atmosphere that the Flow collection offers with peace of mind. The bed is made from FSC certified wood, emphasizing our commitment to sustainability and quality.

Create a calming and timeless sleeping environment for your little one with the Flow Bed - 120 x 60 cm. Let the beauty of simplicity embrace your child's room.

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Width: 124 cm Height: 92 cm Length: 65 cm

This bed meets the safety prescriptions provided in the EN 716:2017+AC:2019 standard.

Finish: the legs are made of solid beech. The end side of the bed is laminated chipboard. Sides with bars in solid beech finished with a polyurethane lacquer tested on EN 71-3.

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