Activity Toy Set (5 PCS) - Tricot Umi
ART. 04KAT-06, EAN 5414375194793


Experience boundless joy with our enchanting Quax Activity Toy Set in Tricot Jungle or Tricot Umi, a perfect match with the other items in our Tricot Jungle and Tricot Umi Textile Collections.

Specially designed to be used with the Quax Tipi Activity Arch (art. 76AR001), available separately, these toy sets can be effortlessly attached for interactive playtime. But they're not limited to the Tipi Activity Arch; they're also perfect for adding to the Baby Bouncer - Activity Arch (art.76QS01) and the Grow Chair Papum - Toybar (art.7630VL-03-01). As versatile as they are, these toys can also be used individually, providing your child with a world of playtime fun at their fingertips.

Crafted from child-safe materials, these toy sets are perfect for curious little hands. They stimulate sensory exploration and ignite your child's imagination.

Enrich your child's playtime pleasure with this enchanting Quax Activity Toy Set. Whether attached to the Tipi Activity Arch or used on their own, they bring a touch of joy and creativity to your child's world.

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