Activity Playpen Bumper - Natural Linen
ART. 03PO2U-044, EAN 5414375192058


Create a peaceful and cozy play environment for your little one with our Activity Playpen Bumper - Natural Linen. Designed for playpens of approximately 93 x 73 cm, this playpen bumper exudes natural beauty and sets a calming atmosphere in the room. Featuring wooden toy elements to stimulate your baby's senses, this playpen bumper provides not only protection but also playful moments. The 100% linen fabric feels soft and comfortable, and the playpen bumper is machine washable at a delicate 30°C, making maintenance a breeze.

Give your baby a safe and stimulating play space with the Activity Playpen Bumper - Natural Linen, where tranquility and discovery come together.

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100% linen

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