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Essential Must-Haves for Your Newborn

At Quax, you'll find everything you need for the very first moments with your brand-new little one. We understand that these initial beautiful, yet sometimes challenging months, require practical and comfortable items. That's why we're not only thinking about the tiniest ones but also about you, the parents. Here, you'll discover all the essential items that new parents need, designed with your comfort in mind. And all of this comes in the typical Quax style, with soft colors and inspiring design, ensuring even your existing interior will be grateful.

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1. Cradle side-by-side

During those precious first months the removable side, serving as a co-sleeper, will truly be a blessing. Slide the side-by-side close to your bed and leave one side open, this way you can easily feed, comfort, and admire your new bundle of joy. Close to you, yet safe in their very own cradle. 

The cradle is adjustable in height and features an attachment function, making it so easy to attach to your bed. Does your little one suffer from reflux? No problem, make your baby comfortable by adjusting one side up. And if you want to eventually use the crib freestanding, just close the open side again with the zipper.

Available in a quilted fabric in clay and a teddy fabric for extra soft dreams in a cream or sheep color. Which one is your favorite? 

In this cozy cocoon, your safe haven takes form. No need to leave your bed, on the first feeding nights, your very own bubble is a delight.

Rockin chair sand grey models

2. Rocking Adult Chair De Luxe

The iconic Quax Rocking Chair is a must-have for all youngsters and momsters. And dads, but that didn’t rhyme. Not only has it a stunning design, but it's also designed to give you the most comfort during those first feeding moments.

  • Built-in head support for extra comfort during those tiring nights 
  • Integrated arm support that provides the necessary support while feeding 
  • Comfortable design to ensure the coziest comforting and cuddling, the rocking features makes that your little one will be calm in no time

Do you want this moment to be extra soft? Go for the Rocking Chair finished in teddy fabric, a Quax favorite! 

3. Changing Table + Bath

With the convenience of a changing table + bath combined, every diaper change and splash is a joyful experience. With our Bathing Unit you have everything close at hand for the daily care ritual with your little one:

🌊 The bath unit is fully mobile and therefore super convenient to fill and empty the bath and wash our baby wherever you want.

🐋 You’re not using the bath anymore? Just take that part out and you keep a timeless changing table that you will enjoy for years to come.

🧼 The custom-made baskets in cotton and bamboo are optionally available and perfect for storing everything nicely. The hanging baskets provide a super practical and enlarged work surface.

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Breastfeeding pillow linnen grey
A day in the life blog goodmorning 2

4. Breastfeeding pillow

Don't want to leave your bed or couch during breastfeeding, especially during the very early and late moments? This pillow will be your breast friend. The Natural Linen fabric makes sure you and your baby are comfy as the natural fabric circulates air and absorbs sweat.

Also functions as a pregnancy pillow to support your belly during those last weeks while your baby is still hiding in your womb.

Breastfriends forever!