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Guide Through the World of Quax Cribs

Welcome to the enchanting realm of Quax Cribs, where dreams take shape. Selecting the ideal baby crib for your little one is a momentous decision as a parent-to-be. How do you pick the right crib amid the myriad of options? We're here to guide you through the choices.

Co-Sleeper: Side by Side

During those cherished initial months, the Quax co-sleeper Side by Side unfolds as a genuine blessing. This ingeniously crafted newborn essential allows you to slide it seamlessly next to your bed, leaving one side open. Why? So you can effortlessly feed, comfort, and gaze upon your newborn, fostering a connection that transcends physical proximity.

Adaptability is key, and the co-sleeper Side by Side excels in this realm. With adjustable height and an attachment function, the baby crib seamlessly aligns with your bed, creating a harmonious extension of your haven. Does your little one contend with reflux? Worry not — elevate one side for optimal comfort. This thoughtful design caters to the unique needs of both baby and parent.

As your baby grows and transitions become inevitable, the co-sleeper Side by Side gracefully adapts. Want to use it as a standalone crib? Simply close the open side with the zipper, transforming it into a secure cocoon for your little one. Quax ensures that this transition is as smooth, safe and comforting as the crib itself.

With three exquisite versions to choose from, there's a style to suit every taste. The quilted edition in clay exudes timeless charm, while the boucle iterations in sheep and cream offer a cozy yet sophisticated aesthetic. With the co-sleeper Side by Side, Quax intertwines practicality with elegance, creating a haven where connection and comfort reign supreme.

Rocking Cradle De Luxe Sheep

Rocking Cradle De Luxe

In the grandeur of bedtime rituals, the Rocking Cradle De Luxe takes center stage as a masterpiece that transcends the ordinary. This baby crib combines the gentle sway of a rocking chair with the snug embrace of a cradle, making it the perfect item for your nursery. Picture your baby drifting into a peaceful sleep, cradled in the arms of sophistication. 

Crafted from soft, cozy bouclé fabric, this heavenly crib provides an unrivaled safe sleeping space for your precious little one. The wooden runners, adorned with felt to ensure a seamless and gentle rocking motion. Choose from two elegant colors to suit your style: Sheep with natural runners or Cream featuring runners in Walnut.

The unique rocking feature of this crib makes it the ideal choice for gently lulling your baby into a peaceful sleep and swiftly guiding your little one to dreamland. For ultimate safety and peace of mind, always keep the metal legs unfolded when your baby is sleeping. The Quax Rocking Cradle De Luxe is a lullaby in furniture form.

In the world of Quax Cribs, every slumber is a story waiting to unfold. So, what's the conclusion? Which type of cradle is the best choice for you as a parent? If you yearn for an intimate connection and adaptable functionality, the co-sleeper Side by Side becomes your haven. On the other hand, if you imagine bedtime as a tranquil experience for your newborn, complete with the gentle sway of a rocking chair, the Deluxe Rocking Cradle emerges as your optimal choice. Whichever path you choose, rest assured, your baby's sleep will be wrapped in the finest and safest embrace.