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A Day in the Life

Step into the enchanting world of newborn bliss, brought to life by Quax.

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A day in the life blog goodmorning 2
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Good morning!

Today, I awoke so close to my dear mom and dad. There's an indescribable joy in starting my day in my co-sleeper with those comforting morning snuggles and close to the ones I love. The warmth of their presence wraps around me, making me feel safe and loved. As I gaze around our cozy haven, I realize that breakfast in bed is on the menu. Thanks to mommy’s cozy breastfeeding pillow, I get to stay in our cozy cocoon for my precious feeding time. 

Splish, Splash

Though the hours are young, I sense a slight need for refreshment. I think my dad smells it too as he brings me to the bath.  A gentle bath transforms me into a clean superstar once more. With a fresh diaper and a snug outfit, I'm ready to embrace the promise of a new day.

Newborn bliss a day in the life babybouncer

It's time for some delightful playtime. My eyes are captivated by the dainty sea creature swaying above me, creating a miniature world of wonder. I often drift into reveries about encountering a real sea horse someday – a thought that fills my heart with anticipation. For now, though, the soft rattle is my trusted companion, sparking moments of joy and curiosity. However, as the rhythm of the day continues, gentle drowsiness takes over. How fortunate I am to be nestled in my rocking bouncer, the soothing rocking lulling me into a peaceful slumber.

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Upon awakening, a newfound hunger beckons. "Mommy, Daddy, I'm hungry!" my heart exclaims. Responding to my unspoken plea, they whisk me away to the cherished feeding spot – the grown-up's rocking chair. Its gentle motion has an uncanny ability to calm me, making each feeding a tranquil experience.

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Let's grab a coffee

Today holds a little adventure as Mommy and Daddy venture out for something they call 'coffee.' My understanding of this concept may be limited, but what matters is the joy of accompanying them in my stylish pram. The world outside is a captivating tapestry of colors and sounds, and I take it all in with wide-eyed wonder.

Sleep tight

As the day winds down, dreamland beckons. Mommy tenderly wraps me in my softest sleeping bag, ushering me into the realm of slumber. "Sandman," I whisper, "bring me my sweet dreams."

I hope you've enjoyed sharing my day's journey. Until we meet again!

With warmth,