Our Story

Alex Laetitia Quax Founders

Quax’s journey began over four decades ago, sparked by the visionary spirit of Alex Ryndziewicz – the driving force behind Quax. Venturing into the heart of the baby industry, Alex's story dates back to 1984 when he joined his family's pram production business, established over a century ago. This legacy laid the foundation for his passion, which he utilized to create something exceptional for parents embarking on life's most transformative chapter.

After years of refining his skills within the family legacy, Alex sensed the whisper of a unique vision. In 1997, he boldly founded Quax, providing a platform where his wisdom and enthusiasm could thrive, crafting top-tier baby products for families worldwide.

Furniture, strollers, and interior accessories took center stage, warmly embraced by parents across Europe and beyond. Anchored in style, quality, and functionality, Quax quickly emerged as a beacon in the baby industry, curating complete nursery collections that seamlessly merged furniture, style, and color.

In 2018, a new chapter unfolded as Laetitia Ryndziewicz, Alex's daughter and a young mother herself, entered the picture. Her presence infused fresh energy and innovative ideas into Quax, strengthening the relentless pursuit of excellence. An intuitive understanding of the people Quax designs for, coupled with her own journey through motherhood, imbued every creation with a unique depth of empathy.

The symbiotic partnership between Alex's seasoned expertise and Laetitia's imaginative contributions fosters harmonious co-creation. Together, their collaboration embodies the essence of Quax – where heritage, innovation, and the essence of parenthood converge.