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Trendy Series

Trendy, sturdy, and timeless; the Trendy series in a nutshell. If you're in search of a modern, timeless, warm, and cozy baby and/or children's room, look no further.

Loving Growth: The Trendy Convertible Bed

At the heart of our Trendy collection lies a touching story of love and growth. The Trendy 140 x 70 bed is the starting point of a journey, a journey that begins as a secure cocoon for the tender baby years and unfolds into a romantic oasis for curious toddlers. This bed not only provides the security your little one needs but also grows with them, thanks to three different mattress positions that ensure rest and safety throughout their growth.

As your little one grows and begins to explore the world around them, this special bed opens the doors to adventure and imagination. It adds a touch of magic to their everyday life. Add the optional safety rail, and this bed becomes more than just furniture; it becomes a tender gesture of love and protection. The Trendy convertible bed is a symbol of your child's growth, surrounded by the warmth of love and romance. Here, your little one can grow amidst affection and security, with this bed as a faithful companion on their journey through childhood.

At Quax we use durable materials, for example, no chipboard but high-density Mdf, well-known for its intrinsic stability and strength. These boards meet the strict E1-standard regarding formaldehyde emission. Do not forget that natural wood too contains formaldehyde. In that way, we support durable forestry and ask our suppliers to submit the PEFC and FSC certificates. Special care also goes to the furniture fittings. Only reputable suppliers provide us with, among others, quality runners for the sliding drawers and reliable connecting techniques, including particular attention for eccentrics, necessary for connecting spare parts which have a great supporting power. Quax does not use self-rotating screws because they obstruct the dismantling and re-assembly of furniture. The lacquer finish also gets our full attention; here too we only work with international quality suppliers and not with local producers, such as Akzo Nobel, who are responsible for the certificates for their products, for example, EN 71-3 with attention for the migration of harmful components. The Trendy finishing is done with water-based lacquer, which has advantages: does not turn yellow, is as good as odor-free, dries quickly, keeps its shine longer, and is better for the environment.

In the Trendy collection, the bars are milled out in the MDF board, which not only contributes to the fancy nature of this range but also the sturdiness of the side frames, not comparable to traditional bars. The undercarriage has been given special attention and is made of solid beech, which makes color differences possible, depending on the tree’s habitat. They reflect the richness of the natural product and must therefore be regarded as normal. The frame’s finish with a quality oil may emphasize these shade differences. The charm of the natural patina is the guarantee of the natural product.

The Trendy collection includes a 120x60 cm cot, a 140x70 cm bed with optional bedrail, and a 200x90 cm bed. Additionally, there is a 4-drawer chest with optional diaper extension and a two- or three-door wardrobe. To complete the collection, there is a desk with optional drawers and changing extension as well as a night table (only in white).