Mattress Ergosafe - Rocking Cradle De Luxe
ART. 209004L, EAN 5414375197275


With the Ergosafe Mattress - Rocking Cradle De Luxe (ref. #76 16 RCXX), you're investing in the ultimate sleep comfort and safety for your little one. Specifically designed to fit perfectly in the Rocking Cradle De Luxe, this mattress provides an optimal sleeping environment for your baby.

The breathable Bolong + 3D fabric of the cover, made from polyester, allows air to circulate freely in both directions through the mattress, ensuring a constant flow of fresh air. This innovative fabric contributes to the ventilation and hygiene of the mattress, while being easily washable at 60°, ensuring optimal cleaning.

The core of the mattress is designed with a honeycomb structure of approximately 1.5 cm thick. This honeycomb core provides a firm air cushion that evenly distributes the weight of your baby, without sinking, ensuring safe breathing, even when your little one sleeps on their stomach. The volume of the honeycomb core remains continuously filled with fresh air, thanks to the breathable fabric above, providing an additional ventilating effect. Additionally, the honeycomb core is laminated, preventing moisture from reaching the underlying core and allowing for easy cleaning of the mattress.

The supportive polyether foam core located beneath the honeycomb core provides additional comfort and stability, allowing your little one to enjoy a restful sleep. With this mattress, you're not only choosing comfort and safety, but also peace of mind, knowing that your baby is sleeping on a mattress that meets the highest safety standards and is specially designed for the Rocking Cradle De Luxe.

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Width: 72 cm Height: 3.5 cm Length: 42 cm

This Ergosafe Mattress - Rocking Cradle De Luxe meets the strictest safety standards, including EN 16890. The honeycomb core offers sturdy and secure support, while the breathable cover ensures optimal air circulation. Thanks to the honeycomb core, safe breathing is guaranteed, even when the baby sleeps on their stomach.

The Ergosafe Mattress - Rocking Cradle De Luxe is made from high-quality materials, including a breathable Bolong + 3D fabric cover and a 1.5 cm thick honeycomb core. This core provides a sturdy air cushion for safe breathing, even during tummy time. The plasticized honeycomb core prevents moisture issues and can be easily cleaned. Supported by polyether foam for additional comfort. The cover is washable at 60° for optimal hygiene.

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