High chair Papum/Prima - Castors
ART. 7630VL-05-01, EAN 5414375197299


Enhance your chair experience with the Meegroeistoel Papum/Prima - Wheels. This set of 4 extra-large 60mm wheels with brakes makes your chair super mobile and adds a new dimension of flexibility to your Papum Chair (art. 7630VL-01-xx) and Prima Chair (art. 7630VL-02-xx).

With these wheels, you can easily move and position your chair, ensuring that you always have the perfect spot for your little one. Whether you use the chair in the dining room, living room, or anywhere else in the house, these wheels offer convenience and practical mobility.

Upgrade your Papum or Prima chair with the Meegroeistoel Papum/Prima - Wheels, making every meal and moment with your child even more enjoyable and convenient.

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