Havana Bed - 140 x 70 - Moonshadow
ART. 540135PXL16-BR, EAN 5414375177215

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The Havana Bed 140 x 70 - Bedrail is a handy addition to the Havana Bed 140 x 70. This guardrail is specially designed to protect your child when the bed is transformed from a sleeping bed to a sitting bench.

With a height of 26 cm, the bedrail provides ample protection, allowing your child to sleep or play safely without worrying about falling out of bed. This bedrail is an essential accessory for added peace of mind.

Crafted from lacquered MDF/MFC, the bedrail combines durability with a contemporary design and matches the Havana Bed 140 x 70 perfectly.

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Width: 140 cm Height: 26 cm Length: 25 cm

540135 PXL16 BR 1