befixx - Easyfix - Groupe 2/3 - Black
ART. 73Q120 ISO 009, EAN 3507460216479

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The befixx - Easyfix - Group 2/3 car seat is an excellent choice for parents seeking a safe and comfortable car seat for older children. This car seat is suitable for children weighing between 15 and 36 kg and complies with the ECE R44/04 safety standards.

A notable feature of the befixx car seat is the adjustable headrest, allowing you to customize the headrest to your child's height and needs. This ensures that your child is always in a comfortable and secure position during the journey.

Furthermore, the cover of the befixx car seat is removable and machine-washable, making maintenance easy and keeping the car seat clean and fresh. With the befixx - Easyfix - Group 2/3 car seat, you choose safety, comfort, and ease of use for older children during every car ride.

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Width: 43 cm Height: 71 cm Length: 45 cm

73 Q120 ISO 009 1