Ashi Bed - 140 x 70 cm - Chestnut
ART. 54F05-01XL005, EAN 5414375197497


Discover the Ashi Bed - 140 x 70, a place where journeys of exploration begin and growth is embraced. This baby bed is infused with a love for detail and promises timeless elegance and practical perfection.

With dimensions of 140 x 70 cm, this bed offers a haven of comfort and tranquility for your little one. The adjustable base, with three different height settings (32 cm, 52 cm en 71 cm), is like a symphony of adaptability, allowing you to effortlessly tailor the sleeping space to your child's growth.

The Ashi Bed seamlessly transforms into an open bed, without the need for any extra pieces. This means your child has the freedom to get in and out of bed, a crucial step towards independence. For added safety and peace of mind, you can optionally add a 90 cm safety rail when the bed is converted into an open bed (art. 54FD-01-0XX). This provides an extra layer of protection for your little one.

But the magic doesn't stop there. The Ashi Bed has another trick up its sleeve. With the Junior Kit (art. 54F05-01XLEK00X), you can transform this bed into a junior bed measuring 170 x 70, making it a loyal companion on your child's journey toward independence, until they reach the age of 10 years.

Choose the Ashi Bed - 140 x 70 and envelop your little one in love, comfort, and endless possibilities. This is where the journey of dreams and growth begins.

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Width: 144 cm Height: 92 cm Length: 75 cm

This bed meets the safety prescriptions provided in EN 716:2017.

Finish: the legs are made of solid beech. The end side of the bed is laminated chipboard. Sides with bars in solid beech finished with a polyurethane lacquer tested on EN 71-3.

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