Rocking Chair De Luxe - Kids - Sheep
ART. 76 16 J1900-10, EAN 5414375195240


The Rocking Chair De Luxe - Kids is an extremely trendy rocking chair for toddlers. With its high-quality upholstery, this rocking chair offers not only comfort but also style in the children's room. Let your little one enjoy rocking fun and relaxation in style.

The Rocking Chair De Luxe - Kids Teddy is available in the same style as the identical seat for mom and dad, allowing you to create a beautiful and harmonious look in the children's, play, or living room.

Add a touch of elegance and fun to your toddler's room with the Rocking Chair De Luxe - Kids.

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Width: 43 cm Height: 67 cm Length: 65 cm

Maximum load capacity of the seat: 70 kg

Chassis: solid birch and polyurethane epoxidized metal Upholstery: 100% polyester

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