Muslin Poncho - Kids - Natural Collection - Coral
ART. 03BA-MPCK-15, EAN 5414375188891


Step out of the shower or water and wrap your little one in the comfortable Muslin Poncho - Kids - Natural Collection. Specially designed for children aged 8 months to 3 years, this poncho offers the perfect blend of comfort and functionality.

Made from double muslin fabric, the poncho with sleeves provides extra convenience and comfort, offering excellent absorption to quickly dry your little one. The soft, high-quality material keeps your child snug and warm, making it ideal for after bath time or a day at the beach or pool.

With its 100% cotton composition and machine washability at 30°C, this poncho is not only luxurious but also practical. It is designed to last and remains soft and comfortable, even after many washes.

For a perfectly matching set, combine the Muslin Poncho - Kids with the Muslin Poncho - Adult from the Natural Collection. Together, they offer comfort and style for both you and your little one.

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The Muslin Poncho - Kids - Natural Collection is crafted from 100% high-quality cotton. The double muslin fabric provides a soft and breathable experience, perfect for your little one's sensitive skin. With excellent absorption, it dries your child quickly and efficiently.

Maintenance is simple and practical: the poncho is machine washable at 30°C, making it easy to keep clean while retaining its softness and quality, even after frequent washes.

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