Mattress - 200 x 90 cm
ART. 201002, EAN 5414375196179


Experience the epitome of sleep comfort with our "Mattress - 200 x 90 cm", a must-have for young adventurers in their junior beds measuring 200 x 90 cm. This mattress is their gateway to a world of tranquility and serenity, where every sleep moment becomes a moment of rejuvenation.

With a core of pocket springs and high-quality cold foam with a density of 40 kg/m³, this mattress not only provides sublime support but also envelops you in a sensation of weightlessness, cocooning you in blissful comfort. The cover, made of 60% Tencel and 40% polyester, cradles you in a soft and breathable embrace, leaving you feeling refreshed and ready for new adventures upon awakening.

The removable cover is not only easy to maintain but also a beacon of hygiene, as it can be effortlessly cleaned in the washing machine at 60°C. Furthermore, this mattress is hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly, making it suitable for every member of the family, regardless of age or preferences.

Immerse your litle one in a world of ultimate comfort and strive for well-being and balance with our "Mattress - 200 x 90 cm".

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Width: 90 cm Height: 20 cm Length: 200 cm

Safety is our priority. The "Matras - 200 x 90 cm" is carefully designed and meets strict safety standards to ensure peace of mind for parents. The cold foam is treated against dust mites, eliminating allergens and promoting a healthy sleep environment. Additionally, the high-quality materials and construction ensure a stable and secure sleep experience, allowing children to enjoy a restful and peaceful night.

The "Matras - 200 x 90 cm" is crafted with carefully selected materials to ensure durability and comfort. The core of the mattress consists of high-quality pocket springs and cold foam with a density of 40 kg/m³, while the cover is composed of a blend of 60% Tencel and 40% polyester for a luxurious feel. For ease of maintenance, the removable cover is machine washable at 60°C, allowing you to easily maintain a clean sleep environment.