Hanging Basket Changing Table - Regular - Grey-Black
ART. 65MM006-CRC, EAN 5414375192683


This handy hanging rack is specifically designed for Quax changing tables, including the Mori, Hip, Promo, Basic, and Comfort models. It provides a convenient storage solution for small essentials, keeping everything within reach while you work. Measuring 45x12x5 cm, this basket instantly expands your workspace. Easily attach it to your changing table and keep essential items organized and at your fingertips.

Compatible with the changing tables Mori, Hip, Promo, Basic, and Comfort

grey / black
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Width: 45 cm Height: 5 cm Length: 12 cm

Material: bamboo and cotton

65 MM006 CRC 1
65 MM006 CRC 2
65 MM006 CRC 3